giovedì 7 agosto 2014

Cricky & Fril

Cricky & Fril "Pilot" 2014
A co-prodution Lynx Multimedia Factory - Musicartoon
Project development and Coordination: Lynx -
Autor of Concept: Enrico Caroti Ghelli
Graphic insipred to the original design by Andrea Simonti
Directed by Enrico Paolantonio - Script Francesco Artibani
Music Max Gagliardi e Luca Annessi
Design Andrea Pucci
What about the life of a cricket who wants to teach bugs and plants the art of pollination? Consider that he lives in the Island of Flora, where plants and bugs are convinced they can do without each other!
A tangled life indeed! But Cricky is so optimistic (say crazy...) and his friends are so good (say crazy too...) to think that everything is possible. Each and every day he tries over and over again to teach his peers the art of living together.
Will the inhabitants of Flora eventually understand that living in peace with others can be “fruitful”?

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